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Create Your Own Authentic Japanese Ramen Dish

Japanese ramen
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Japanese ramen


Are you ready to learn how to make the perfect bowl of Japanese ramen? With this guide, you will have the amazing experience of creating ramen from scratch.

Whether you’re a ramen enthusiast or new to the ramen-making world, you’ll learn the essential ingredients and steps involved in preparing an authentic, delicious ramen dish.

In this guide, we’ll cover:
1- Introduction
2- Ingredients
3- Instructions
4- Preparing the Broth
5- Preparing the Noodles
6- Preparing the Toppings
7- Assembling the Dish
8- Serving Suggestions
9- Conclusion

Let’s get started!


To create a tasty and authentic Ramen dish, you will need some traditional ingredients. The main elements are the noodles, broth, and toppings.

Noodles: The classic choice for Ramen noodles is usually a wheat-based flour noodle, such as the Japanese-style ramen noodles. These noodles should be boiled in hot water until they are al dente and then cooled slightly before they are added to the soup.

Broth: The broth is the most important part of an authentic Ramen dish and is usually made with a combination of chicken and pork stocks. The stock is often flavored with mirin, sake, soy sauce, and other seasonings. Vegetarian or vegan options can also be made by substituting vegetable stock.

Toppings: Toppings are the fun part of making your own Ramen dish. The most popular toppings include sliced scallions, seaweed, eggs, fish cakes, pork belly, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. You can experiment with different combinations to create your own unique Ramen experience.

Once you have all your ingredients, all you need to do is combine and simmer them. The key is to cook everything together on a low heat to bring out all the flavors. After a few minutes, you will have a delicious and authentic Ramen dish.


To create your own authentic Japanese ramen dish, you’ll need to gather the following ingredients: noodles, broth, vegetables, meat, and seasonings. Additionally, you’ll need a large pot, cutting board, and colander.

First, prepare the broth. This can be done using store-bought stock and seasonings, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can make your own broth from scratch.

Next, prepare the vegetables. After washing and drying them, cut them into bite-sized pieces to add to the Ramen.

Next, cook the meat. This can be done by searing, stewing, or pan-frying the meat before adding it to the Ramen.

Now, it’s time to cook the noodles. In a large pot, boil a large portion of water. When the water comes to a boil, carefully add the noodles. Cook the noodles according to the package instructions, stirring gently to prevent sticking.

When the noodles are finished cooking, pour them into a colander to strain them. Place them back in the pot and carefully add the broth and prepared meat, vegetables, and seasonings. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once the broth and all ingredients are cooked, the Ramen is ready to be served! Serve with extra seasonings and garnishes like green onions, sesame seeds, and chili flakes for added color and flavor.

Enjoy your authentic Japanese ramen dish!

Preparing the Broth

Now that you have your ingredients gathered, it’s time to start the process of making your delicious Japanese ramen dish. To begin, take your stock and vegetables and place them in a large pot. Add just enough water to cover the vegetables, and bring the pot to a gentle simmer. Simmer the stock for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once the vegetables have softened, take out the vegetables and discard. Now you will have a delicious and flavorful broth for your ramen. If you wish to make the broth even more flavorful, you can add seasonings such as soy sauce, miso paste, ginger, garlic, or chili peppers. Taste and adjust the seasoning as desired. Now your broth is ready to use!

Preparing the Noodles

When selecting your noodles for your homemade Japanese ramen dish, it’s important to choose a style that best suits your dish. Ramen noodles come in various shapes and consistencies, so be sure to choose the one that fits your desired outcome. Once you’ve selected your noodles, it’s time to cook them. Boil a pot of water and add in the desired amount of noodles. Depending on the type of noodle, they will need to be boiled anywhere from 2-5 minutes. If you plan on using the noodles in a cold dish, run them under cold water to cool them off. This will help maintain the noodle’s texture.

Preparing the Toppings

The toppings are the best part of any Japanese ramen dish and can really elevate the flavor of the broth and noodles. There are many options to choose from and you should select toppings that you enjoy. Common toppings that you may include on your ramen dish are onions, scallions, boiled eggs, mushrooms, seaweed, and kimchi. You can also use any type of meats and vegetables that you like. All of the toppings should be cooked, but you can either cook them in the same pot as the broth or pre-cook them in advance. Toppings should be cut into small pieces, so they are easier to eat with the noodles. After the toppings have been prepared, they can be added to the serving bowl before the broth and noodles. Now, you have an authentic ramen dish that you have created on your own.

Assembling the Dish

Now that you have all the components for your Japanese ramen dish, you’re ready to start building your own unique, authentic ramen dish. Here are some helpful tips on how to assemble your ramen:

– Start by preparing your broth and noodles according to the package instructions. Once complete, separate the noodles and broth into two separate bowls.
– Place the noodles at the bottom of a serving bowl.
– Top with the broth.
– Add your favorite toppings such as boiled eggs, kimchi, mushrooms, green onion, or pork.
– Garnish with roasted sesame seeds and nori (seaweed).
– Serve hot and enjoy!

By utilizing these tips, you can assemble your very own authentic ramen dish in no time. Bon appetit!

Serving Suggestions

Once you have created your authentic ramen dish, it’s time to serve! There are so many ways to present your ramen to make it unique and special. Here are some tips to keep in mind when serving your ramen dish.

First, decide whether you’d like to serve it cold or hot. Cold ramen is great for a hot summer day, while hot ramen is perfect for a cold winter night. The choice is up to you!

Second, make sure the broth is prepared properly. If you’ve used a store-bought broth, make sure to taste it before adding it to your dish. If it’s too salty, dilute it with a little bit of water.

Next, choose a garnish to add a bit of flavor and texture to your dish. Traditional garnishes for Japanese ramen include seaweed, scallions, bamboo shoots, nori, and pickled ginger. But feel free to get creative and use whatever you have on hand; from crunchy vegetables to savory mushrooms.

Finally, add some protein to your ramen. Protein is essential for a well-rounded meal, and there are many delicious options to choose from. From boiled eggs to grilled chicken, there’s something for everyone.

These are just a few of the many ways to serve your ramen dish. No matter how you decide to present it, your homemade ramen is sure to be a hit!


Creating your own authentic Japanese ramen dish is a rewarding challenge. It allows you to explore the multitude of flavors and textures that make this classic Japanese soup so special. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be sure to make a delicious ramen dish that is sure to impress your friends and family.

When it comes to ramen, you don’t have to be a master chef to create a delicious dish. With the right ingredients and instructions, you can easily whip up an amazing bowl of ramen in no time. When selecting ingredients, be sure to get the best quality for the most authentic flavor. From preparing your own broth to assembling the perfect bowl of ramen, the assembly and presentation are key. When you’re done, don’t forget to garnish with your favorite toppings.

No matter if you share your ramen with friends and family or just enjoy it by yourself, it’s sure to be an amazing experience. With all these tips in mind, you’re now ready to make your very own authentic ramen dish. So get creative and enjoy your own unique version of this delicious classic!

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